Crisis Receiving Home

Welcome to Malabar House

Malabar House is a safe haven for youth ages 8 to 17 in crisis situations. Open 24/7, 365 days a year, we offer immediate shelter and support. Families or youth can contact their local law enforcement, who will ensure a secure arrival at our confidential location. While here, youth receive warm meals, comfortable sleeping arrangements, hygiene supplies, engaging activities, and access to crucial services, including family counseling, therapy, and more. The goal is to assist your family in the immediate resolution of the crisis situation, reunification of the family, engagement in therapeutic services, and returning the youth to their regular housing and educational circumstances.

What to Expect

Call: Contact local law enforcement for safe and confidential transport to Malabar House. Youth are not arrested or involved in any legal process during their stay.

Pack Medications: Bring prescription medications in original containers for safety and proper administration.

Prepare Electronics: For confidentiality, all cellular devices will be turned off to disable tracking. Valuables will be securely logged and stored.

Communication with Law Enforcement: Law enforcement will briefly gather information for Malabar House staff.

Safe Transport: Youth will be escorted directly to our facility by law enforcement for intake.

Reunification Support: A clinician from your local Youth Service Center will arrange a confidential Therapeutic Family Crisis Session to support reunification. All details remain confidential.

Malabar House FAQs

Q: How long can a youth stay with you?

Most youth stay with us for about one day, but they can stay up to 24 hours.

Q: Where is the home located?

For the safety of all involved, the specific address and phone number for Malabar House are confidential.

Q: My child is experiencing suicidality. Can they come to Malabar to get treatment?

It is important that we treat suicidality in youth very seriously. We are a hands-off and unlocked facility in a residential neighborhood. Our staff receive training on many aspects of supporting youth in crisis, but they are not medical personnel. For this reason, suicidal youth are not a good fit for Malabar and should instead be referred to local hospitals for evaluation and admission, when appropriate.

Q: What should I expect after my child arrives?

First, our team will talk to your kiddo and learn more about them, their needs, and what’s going on. Then, we will assign them a bed, orient them to the home, and offer them any food, rest, or care they may need. Once they are settled in, our team will identify which Youth Services Center your child’s case will be assigned to based on your home address. You will then receive a call from someone at the assigned YSC walking you through what to expect next. When youth are brought to us during regular business hours, that can happen the same day. If your kiddo arrives after 5pm or over the weekend, you should get a call the next morning instead.

Q: How much does this cost?

Our services are free to the community. The program is funded through our partnership with Alameda County Probation Department. We all agree that this service is essential to helping everyone stay safe and that family support is a critical part of healthy homes and communities.

Q: What happens after my kid comes home with me?

Before you bring your child home, the therapist assigned to your case will facilitate a Family Reunification Session. They will also encourage you to start therapy services to help prevent future crises and strengthen your family. Thanks to the Youth Services Center funding from Alameda County Probation, all Alameda County Youth ages 8-18 can receive 8 child or family therapy sessions at no cost. Each YSC is run by a different organization that will have its own policy and process. Here at Eden, we have many clinicians who can work with your family after leaving Malabar House. That process will be explained to you by the therapist helping with the Family Reunification Session.